Calgary – The Traditions of Western

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This city is located in Alberta and it is the city which embraces bits western cultures all the way. It is very famous for outdoor rodeo shows which go on for a span of one week to a ten days fiesta. It airs one of the greatest rodeo shows on earth. This place acts as a jump start for all the adventure junkies due to its rocky mountains. The museums here are very praised by the tourists. The stories of the early natives are held close by this city and are being reflected in many of their ruins or cultural architectures.

Calgary Stampede

This is one of the most popular rodeo shows and goes as long as fir ten days around the city. It runs with a very intense theme of cowboys. It is usually held in July and provides its tourists with cowboy themed entertainment and food experiences. The most famous during these rodeo shows is their pancake breakfast traditions; you will not find such tasteful pancakes anywhere else. There are several activities conducted during this show like wagon races or competitions among cowboy horses.

Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey

The rocky mountain journey started in 1969 and this rail runs between Vancouver and Calgary. The rail runs through the Pacific side of the cities and is a sight to behold. The rail has a glass ceiling you can capture the natural beauty you’re traveling through in your hearts forever. The journey would cost you anywhere between 400-675 Canadian dollars.

Fish Creek Provincial Park

This park is a lush green artificial park created in the early 90s with having made the walking trails that lead straight into the wild forests and alongside the edges of the creeks. The entry for the park is 150 Canadian dollars. If you want a taste of nature in presented habitat, this is definitely your place.