Sydney: The Heritage City of Australia

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Sydney is an iconic Australian City located in New South Wales. The city has an exquisitely beautiful harbor and shoreline of 150 miles visited by millions of tourists each month. Popular for its spotless beaches, lush green gardens, vibrant nightlife, and cruises, Sydney is undoubtedly the most-visited tourist destination in Australia. Our stay in the city was an unforgettable experience and mentioned below are the highlights of our weekend Sydney holiday.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is the most popular landmark of Sydney and every tourist who visit the city for the first time visit the place to get a glimpse of this architectural wonder. The entry fee is AU$ 37 per adult and we had opted for a guided tour which was quite informative. The backstage tour was also quite exciting and we did enjoy some amazing views. We also spent a lot of time outside the building observing the architectural style from a close range.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Founded in 1816, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is considered as a major historic botanical garden. Spread across 74 acres of land area, the place is divided into 3 gardens namely, Lower, Middle, and Palace gardens and a Bennelong precinct. The Palm Grove Centre and rose garden are quite impressive. The place offers an amazing view of the harbor and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The heritage gardens have beautiful pools and giant trees inhabited by wild birds and animals. The botanic garden is undoubtedly a top tourist attraction and for an entry fee was AU$10 per adult, it is definitely worthwhile.   

Manly Beach

A real Sydney holiday cannot be complete without visiting the picturesque Manly Beach. The long sandy beaches and deep blue waters are perfect for surfing, scuba diving, and boating. Shopping is the main activity in this neighborhood and the spot is known for hundreds of boutiques, gift shops, restaurants, and bars. The long array of pine trees that flank the beach offers a rare sight. Overall, it was the most relaxing part of our journey.